BANG ON BLINDS - Custom Blinds & Awnings

Hi, Bang on blinds is just one person, from the intitial quote to the installation. I like things done right the first time.

My first experience installing blinds was around 2008 when I was working for a company installing Patios, Decks, and Glassrooms.

These blinds were the old PVC Cafe blinds with zips. In 2010 we started installing Ziptrak Blinds.

These where a much more advanced product. Pretty soon every 3rd job had them included on the patio.

In 2014 my partner and I had our 2nd child. The travel involved, and being away from my young family. Led me to take up an offer that I had put to me from a well known Blinds & Awning company. This meant no more motels or getting home late every day. But also learning new products and new methods.

Bang on blinds was created in 2015, although I did sell a few jobs the previous year which sparked the idea. It started as an on the side job. Working 7 days a week for periods of time. I had to drop days off work and was working every second day for myself.

Most of my work is through word of mouth. But still always looking at ways to improve. Not only the brand but the products. Or methods of fitting them.

With my previous experience in the patio industry, adding extra posts, squaring up imposibble angles, making custom shaped posts or flashings is just part of what I've always done.

I try my best to tell all the facts even the ones you don't want to hear.

As being honest is important, this is what I'd look for when making a purchase... No BS.

My aim is to provide the best possible workmanship, advice and service to my customers. I always have, and always will take a great deal of pride in my work. Nothing makes me happier than when I have a happy client.

Ziptrak outdoor blinds, alfresco